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timing_beltWhen it comes to auto service in Sedalia, it is vital to find a shop full of mechanics with experience who know what they are doing. One of the most challenging types of repairs is a timing belt repair. Sedalia is full of automotive repair shops, but we here at Schilby's Auto Care Center are known for our dependability and knowledge of automobiles and all the repairs they can include.

A timing belt is a rubber belt with high-tensile fibers that run the entire length of the belt. Its job is to turn the camshaft(s) of the vehicle at precisely half the speed of the crankshaft, all while sustaining exact alignment. In other words, for every revolution of the camshaft, the crankshaft has to make two.

The tricky part about a timing belt is that there isn't always an advanced warning that a belt is damaged – the car can stop running with a loud clunk and break down, and that's usually the best sign something is wrong with the timing belt. The best way to avoid problems is to follow the manufacturer's pre-set instructions on when the timing belt should be replaced for your particular vehicle.

Changing a timing belt on any automobile is not an easy process. This is a procedure that should only be completed by professionals who have experience with timing belts, like we do at Schilby's Auto Care Center. First, the negative battery cable is disconnected and the distributor cap is removed. Provided the timing belt is still intact, a wrench or socket is used on the crankshaft bolt to rotate the engine until the timing mark on the crankshaft pulley lines up with 0° on the timing scale. The distributor rotor must line up with the index mark on the distributor housing so the rotor is ready to fire the number one cylinder. After that, any components or accessory drive belts that could get in the way are removed. Screws or bolts holding the timing cover are then removed as well, and the cover can be lifted off the engine. After correct alignment of the crank and camshaft timing marks have been verified, the timing belt tensioner and corresponding mounting bolts are loosened. The tensioner is pulled away from the belt, and the mounting bolts are then retightened to hold the tensioner in place, in a loose position. Once it is verified there aren't any cracks or loose or worn bearings in the tensioner pulley, the timing belt should slide right off the sprockets and can be replaced.

This is obviously quite a complicated process that must be left to those who know how to do the job well. No one does a better timing belt repair in Sedalia than the staff at Schilby's Auto Care Center. Give us a call today, and we'll get the job done for you – the right way!

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